Archived ASI Board Agenda and Minutes

2021-2022 Agendas & Minutes
DateAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
9/16/21Sept. 16 Agenda (PDF, 155KB)Sept. 16 Minutes (PDF, 201KB)
10/7/21Oct. 7 Agenda (PDF, 127KB)Oct. 7 Minutes (PDF, 228KB)
10/28/21Oct. 28 Agenda (PDF, 151KB)Oct. 28 Minutes (PDF, 176KB)
11/18/21Nov. 18 Agenda (PDF, 140KB)Nov. 18 Minutes (PDF, 220KB)
02/03/22Feb. 03 Agenda (PDF, 143KB)Feb. 03 Minutes (PDF, 203KB)

Resolution ASI Banking Accounts

(PDF, 148 KB)


March 03 Agenda (PDF, 149KB)

March 03 Minutes (PDF, 197KB)

The CI View Student News - Print Edition (MS Powerpoint, 709KB)

2nd Quarter Financial Report (PDF, 264KB)

4/21/22April 21 Agenda (PDF, 142KB)April 21 Minutes (PDF, 201KB)ASI Auxiliary Preliminary Draft Budget (FY 23) (MS Excel, 50.6KB)
5/05/22May 5 Agenda (PDF, 145KB)
2020-2021 Agendas & Minutes
09.03.2009.03.20 Agenda (PDF, 132KB)09.03.20 Minutes (PDF, 204KB)
09.17.2009.17.20 Agenda (PDF, 146KB)09.17.20 Minutes (PDF, 200KB)
10.08.2010.08.20 Agenda (PDF, 147KB)

10.08.20 Minutes (PDF, 215KB)

10.29.2010.29.20 Agenda (PDF, 140KB)10.29.20 Minutes (PDF, 228KB)
11.19.2011.19.20 Agenda (PDF, 144KB)11.19.20 Minutes (PDF, 213KB)
01.28.2101.28.21 Agenda (PDF, 172KB)01.28.21 Minutes (PDF, 210KB)
02.25.2102.25.21 Agenda (PDF, 165KB)02.25.21 Minutes (PDF, 218KB)
04.22.2104.22.21 Agenda (PDF, 165KB)04.22.21 Minutes (PDF, 155KB)
05.06.2105.06.21 Agenda (PDF, 157KB)05.06.21 Minutes (PDF, 158KB)
2019-2020 Agendas & Minutes
DateAgendaMinutes Agenda (PDF, 109KB)8.28.19 Minutes (PDF, 182KB) Agenda (PDF, 122KB)9.5.19 Minutes (PDF, 163KB) Agenda (PDF, 148KB)9.19.19 Minutes (PDF, 198KB)
10.10.1910.10.19 Agenda (PDF, 577KB)10.10.19 Minutes (PDF, 176KB)
11.21.1911.21.19 Agenda(PDF, 151KB)11.21.19 Minutes (PDF, 231KB)
01.30.2001.30.20 Agenda(PDF, 151KB)01.30.20 Minutes (PDF, 214KB)
02.27.2002.27.20 Agenda(PDF, 00KB)02.27.20 Minutes (PDF, 224KB)
04.23.2004.23.20 Agenda(Special Meeting) [via Zoom] (PDF, 187KB)04.23.20 Minutes [via Zoom] 238KB)
05.07.2005.07.20 Agenda[via Zoom] (PDF, 171KB)05.07.20 Minutes [via Zoom] (PDF, 89.5KB)
2018-2019 Agendas & Minutes
DateAgendaMinutes Agenda (PDF, 109KB)8.30.18 Minutes (PDF, 110KB) Agenda (PDF,134KB)9.6.18 Minutes (PDF, 217KB)
10.4.1810.4.18 Agenda (PDF, 155KB)10.4.18 Minutes (PDF, 251KB)
11.1.1811.1.18 Agenda (PDF, 131KB)11.1.18 Minutes (PDF, 212KB)
11.29.1811.29.18 Agenda (PDF, 115KB)11.29.18 Minutes (PDF,212KB)
01.24.1901.24.19 Agenda (PDF, 136KB)01.24.19 Minutes (PDF, 182KB)
02.01.1902.01.19 Agenda (PDF, 142KB) [Special Meeting]02.01.19 Minutes (PDF, 563KB)
02.07.1902.07.19 Agenda (PDF, 153KB)02.07.19 Minutes (PDF, 482KB)
03.07.1903.07.19 Agenda (PDF, 133KB)03.07.19 Minutes (PDF, 504KB)
04.04.19Meeting Canceled
04.25.1904.25.19 Agenda (PDF, 479KB)04.25.19 Minutes (PDF, 479KB)
05.02.1905.02.19 Agenda (PDF, 477KB)05.02.19 Minutes (PDF, 494KB)
2017-2018 Agendas & Minutes
DateAgendaMinutes Agenda (PDF, 150KB)8.31.17 Minutes (PDF, 130KB) Agenda (PDF, 150KB)9.7.17 Minutes (PDF, 290KB)
10.5.1710.5.17 Agenda (PDF, 175KB)10.5.17 Minutes (PDF, 254KB)
11.2.1711.2.17 Agenda (PDF, 153KB)11.2.17 Minutes (PDF, 209KB)
11.30.1711.30.17 Agenda (PDF, 150KB)11.30.17 Minutes (PDF, 205KB)
01.25.1801.25.18 Agenda (PDF, 134KB)01.25.18 Minutes (PDF, 233KB)
03.01.1803.01.18 Agenda (PDF, 134KB)03.01.18 Minutes (PDF, 243KB)
04.05.1804.05.18 Agenda (PDF, 133KB)04.05.18 Minutes (PDF, 234KB)
04.26.1804.26.18 Agenda (PDF, 131KB)04.26.18 Minutes (PDF, 150KB)
05.03.1805.03.18 Agenda (PDF, 157KB)05.03.18 Minutes (PDF, 215KB)
2016-2017 Agendas & Minutes
DateAgendaMinutes Agenda (MS Word, 298KB)5.25.16 Minutes (MS Word, 211K) Agenda (PDF, 190KB)8.1.16 Minutes (MS Word, 216K) Agenda (PDF, 194KB)9.1.16 Minutes (PDF, 198KB) Agenda (MS Word, 206KB)9.7.16 Minutes (PDF, 202KB)
10.6.1610.6.16 Agenda (MS Word, 208KB)10.6.16 Minutes (MS Word, 224KB)
11.3.1611.3.16 Agenda (MS Word, 211KB)11.3.16 Minutes (MS Word, 225KB)
12.1.1612.1.16 Agenda (MS Word, 209KB)12.1.16 Minutes (MS Word, 223KB) Agenda (PDF, 151KB)1.26.17 Minutes (PDF, 192KB) Special Meeting Agenda (PDF, 103KB)2.9.17 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF, 131KB) Agenda (PDF, 103KB)3.2.17 Minutes (PDF, 192KB) Agenda (PDF, 103KB)4.6.17 Minutes (PDF, 187KB) Agenda (PDF, 153KB)4.20.17 Minutes (PDF, 185KB) Agenda (PDF, 149KB)4.27.17 Minutes (PDF, 181KB) Agenda (PDF, 153KB)5.4.17 Minutes (PDF, 236KB)

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2016 Minutes

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