Student Union Reservations & Resources:

  • Student Union meeting room reservations and event resource equipment reservations are currently available.
  • Student Union computer stations are available. Sanitization Stations with cleaning supplies will be provided for patrons who wish to sanitize shared surfaces before and/or after use.
  • Shared equipment and resources that are checked out at the Student Union Information Desk must be sanitized when returned by the user. Sanitizing and cleaning supplies are provided at the Information Desk for this purpose.
  • A modified offering of shared gaming and other facility equipment will be available for checkout. For specific inquiries, please feel free to contact the Student Union Information Desk at: 805-437-2622.
  • Student Union massage chairs are currently available for use. 
  • Napping pod is currently not available for use.
  • To reserve a donation bin in the Student Union, please follow this link: 
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