Student Union Statement of Purpose:

The Student Union serves to foster community and enhance student learning and development on the CI campus by providing exceptional services, supporting holistic programming, creating regular opportunities for staff development, and maintaining an environmentally responsible facility.

History of the Student Union:

In 2006 students approved a referendum to increase their fees to fund a new Student Union; the referendum was approved by 73 percent of the voting student body. The planning and construction of the building was a collaboration between students, staff, and faculty. The Union is located in the center of the campus in what was formerly the University library. During construction sustainability was a major priority; much of the building consists of the re-use of the existing building where the University was able to recycle 540 tons of concrete and 42 tons of steel.

The building is equipped with green technology such as lighting control and sustainable flooring material. The Student Union includes a large dining area that features a coffee house, the Freudian Sip, and dining, the Lighthouse Cafe. A Tree House Courtyard which features preserved sycamore and pepper trees. A game room with flat screen TVs, pool tables, shuffle board, table tennis, air hockey and gaming consoles. Lounge areas located in the East Wing and the Tree House Lounge. Offices of the Student Government, Student Programming Board, the Nautical yearbook, the CI View newspaper, and ASI staff.

Student Union Organizational Chart:

ASI Staff Organizational Chart (PDF, 99.4KB)

Our Sustainability Efforts

The CI Student Union Building was designed in consideration of sustainability from the start of the project, through design, and now, selecting furniture and finishes. The most sustainable feature is the adaptive re-use of a large portion of the existing structure, extending the life of resources used in its initial construction. This is augmented by retention of mature trees, minimized footprint, and efficient structural, mechanical, and lighting systems. The final sustainable touch is the selection of building finishes and furnishings.

For more on Student Union sustainable practices, review our Celebration of Excellence Poster. Student Union Sustainability Poster (PDF, 453.87KB)

Student Union Staff:



Alyssa Alvarado: Ask Alyssa how she can help you today.



Isabella Boyadjian: Ask Isabella how she can help you today.


Karina C

Karina Casarez: Ask Karina how she can help you today.


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Karina Zavala: Ask Karina how she can help you today.


ASI Student Staff:


Shaylyn Noel (ASI Project Assistant)


ASI/Student Union Professional Staff:


Cindy Derrico

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs ASI & HRE

Contact Information:
Email: Cindy Derrico
Phone: (805) 437-3340
Fax: (805) 437-2793

Genesis DeLong

ASI Interim Director

Contact Information:
Email: Genesis DeLong
Phone: (805) 437-2038
Fax: (805) 437-2793


Tonee Sherrill

ASI Assistant Director

Contact Information:
Email: Tonee Sherrill
Phone: (805) 437-3273
Fax: (805) 437-2793



Diana Ballesteros

ASI Facility Specialist

Contact Information:
Email: Diana Ballesteros
Phone: (805) 437-8932
Fax: (805) 437-2793

Bethany Banuelos

ASI Student Programs Coordinator 

Contact Information:
Email: Bethany Banuelos
Phone: (805) 437-3638
Fax: (805) 437-2793

Bethany 2016

Jennifer Shoemaker

ASI Budget Assistant

Contact Information:
Email: Jennifer Shoemaker
Phone: (805) 437-3929
Fax: (805) 437-2793


Annie Block-Weiss

ASI Administrative Support Coordinator

Contact Information:
Email: Annie Block-Weiss
Phone: (805) 437-1674
Fax: (805) 437-2793