ASI Entities

The Associated Students of California State University Channel Islands, Inc. is the umbrella organization governing the process, policies and procedures of four main entities: Student Government, Student Programming Board, The Nautical yearbook and The Channel Islands View newspaper.

ASI Board and Student Government Elections

2011-2012 ASI Election Results 

2012-2013 ASI Election Results (PDF, 298KB)

2013-2014 ASI Election Results (no record)

2014-2015 ASI Election Results (no record)

2015-2016 ASI Election Results

2016-2017 ASI Election Results

2017-2018 ASI Election Results 

2018-2019 ASI Election Results

ASI Entity Forms

2017-2018 ASI Entity Leader Selection Process (PDF, 148KB)

ASI Design Request Form 

ASI Entity Meeting/Event Space, Tabling, and Resources Request Form 

ASI Entity Leader Office Schedule Form

ASI/Student Union Social Media Post Request Form

Student Union Digital Signage Request Form

ASI Request to Leave Form (PDF, 140.87 KB)

DSA Travel Authorization Form (PDF, 1.3M)

Release of Liability (PDF, 31KB)  
(required along with travel authorization for non-employee student travel)


ASI entity officers must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester grade point average and entity members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative and semester grade point average. All students involved in an ASI entity must be and remain in good judicial standing with the University.

To get involved, please complete the ASI Entity Eligibility Form


Student Government Logo

Placing the students at the center of our educational experience, California State University Channel Islands' Student Government seeks to effectively communicate, create and maintain community, as well as provide and support co-curricular learning. As we represent the University and our student body, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards by leading with integrity and selflessly serving the students and the University on a local, state and nationwide level.

SPB Logo

Student Programming Board (SPB) provides social, recreational, cultural and educational opportunities for students to engage in the CI community. SPB seeks to develop a selection of programs throughout the year that reflect the needs and interests of CI students. Members will gain a greater understanding of CI, learn how to plan events, create lasting friendships, interact with local businesses and gain valuable leadership experience.


The CI View student newspaper exists to inform CI students, staff and faculty about the news, events and people of our growing, dynamic University. The CI View is dedicated to bringing local and community news while providing students with a forum to voice their opinions and ideas. The newspaper serves as the voice of the student body supporting CI's student-centered focus.

Questions? Contact ASI at or 805-437-1674.

Alternative accessible formats are available upon request. Please contact Annie Block-Weiss, ASI Administrative Support Coordinator for assistance.

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