ASI Elections Council

The ASI Elections Council shall be responsible for organizing and implementing all elections through a fair and equitable process. The Election Council will oversee all complaints in alleged violation of the ASI Election Code. Membership on the council would consist of ASI Board members, but may include ASI entity members. The council will also include one non-voting CI or ASI staff member to provide procedural support and guidance.

ASI Election Code (Updated 2/9/23) (PDF, 327KB)

2020-2021 ASI Elections (PDF, 211KB)

ASI Board and Student Government Elections

2011-2012 ASI Election Results

2012-2013 ASI Election Results (PDF, 298KB)

2013-2014 ASI Election Results (no record)

2014-2015 ASI Election Results (no record)

2015-2016 ASI Election Results

2016-2017 ASI Election Results

2017-2018 ASI Election Results

2018-2019 ASI Election Results

2019-2020 ASI Elections ( PDF, 206KB)

2022-2023 ASI Elections Results (PDF, 279KB)

ASI Elections Council

22-23 Agendas22-23 Minutes
11.18.22 Agenda (PDF, 124KB)11.18.22 Minutes (PDF, 169KB)
01.26.23 Agenda (PDF, 124KB)01.26.23 Minutes (PDF, 171KB)
02.02.23 Agenda (PDF, 124KB)02.02.23 Minutes (PDF, 165KB)
02.09.23 Agenda (PDF, 124KB)02.09.23 Minutes (PDF, 177KB)
02.16.23 Agenda (PDF, 119KB)02.16.23 Minutes (PDF, 196KB)
02.23.23 Agenda (PDF, 118KB)02.23.23 Minutes (PDF, 169KB)
03.02.23 Agenda (PDF, 117KB)03.02.23 Minutes (PDF, 188KB)
03.09.23 Agenda (PDF, 118KB)03.09.23 Minutes (PDF, 159KB)
03.16.23 Agenda (PDF, 126KB)03.16.23 Minutes (PDF, 159KB)
03.30.23 Agenda (PDF, 118KB) 
04.06.23 Agenda (PDF, 118KB) 

ASI Election Archives

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