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Budget Allocation and Spending Committee (BASC)

2015-2016 - Agendas2015-2016 - Minutes
10.05.15 (MS Word, 203KB)10.05.15 (MS Word, 17.1KB)
10.20.15 (MS Word, 203KB)10.20.15 (MS Word, 217KB)
11.03.15 (MS Word, 204KB)11.03.15 (MS Word, 213KB)
11.30.15 (MS Word, 205KB)11.30.15 (MS Word, 477KB) (MS Word, 250KB)
3.17.16 (MS Word, 205KB)3.17.16 (MS Word, 213KB)
10.13.16 (MS Word, 206KB)10.13.16 (MS Word, 43KB)
10.20.16 (MS Word, 41.3KB)10.20.16 (MS Word, 44.4KB)
10.27.16 (MS Word, 41.5KB)10.27.16 (MS Word, 44.9KB)
11.09.16 (MS Word, 41.5KB)11.09.16 (MS Word, 42.5KB)
11.10.16 (MS Word, 41.4KB)11.10.16(MS Word, 42.3KB)
11.17.16 (A) (MS Word, 41.6KB) 11.17.16 (A)(MS Word, 42.2KB)
11.17.16 (B) (MS Word, 41.4KB)11.17.16 (B)(MS Word, 41.9KB)
11.29.16 (MS Word, 41.4KB)11.29.16(MS Word, 40KB)
12.01.16 (MS Word, 41.4KB)12.01.16 (MS Word, xxKB)
01.25.17 (PDF, 199KB)01.25.17 (MS Word, 45KB)
02.01.17 (PDF, 110KB)02.01.17 (PDF, 131KB)
02.15.17(PDF, 109KB)02.15.17 (PDF, 130KB)
02.20.17(PDF, 108KB)Meeting Canceled
02.22.17 (PDF, 109KB)02.22.17 (PDF, 120KB)
02.24.17 (PDF, 109KB)02.24.17 (PDF, 140KB)
03.06.17 (PDF, 113KB)03.06.17 (PDF, 128KB)
03.08.17 (PDF, 113KB)03.08.17 (PDF, 131KB)
03.10.17 (PDF, 114KB)03.10.17 (PDF, 138KB)
03.13.17 (PDF, 113KB)Meeting Canceled
03.15.17 (PDF, 112KB)03.15.17 (PDF, 136KB)
03.17.17 (PDF, 111KB)03.17.17 (PDF, 131KB)
03.27.17 (PDF, 113KB)03.27.17 (PDF, 134KB)
03.29.17 (PDF, 113KB)03.29.17 (PDF, 135KB)
04.05.17 (PDF, 111KB)Meeting Canceled
04.07.17 (PDF, 124KB)Meeting Canceled
04.10.17 (PDF, 112KB)04.10.17 (PDF, 138KB)
04.12.17 (PDF, 111KB)04.12.17 (PDF, 131KB)
04.14.17 (PDF, 110KB)04.14.17 (PDF, 137KB)
04.17.17 (PDF, 110KB)04.17.17 (PDF, 128KB)
04.19.17 (PDF, 110KB)Meeting Canceled
04.24.17(PDF, 110KB)04.24.17
05.01.17 (PDF, 110KB)05.01.17
05.03.17 (PDF, 82.7K)05.03.17

Fiscal Statements

Elections Council

Election Council Hearing Findings - April 19 2017 (PDF, 628KB)
Notice of Hearing, April 17th, 2017
 (PDF, 128KB) 
Notice of Hearing, April 13th, 2017 (PDF, 128KB)

2016-2017 - Agendas2016-2017 - Minutes
11.01.16 (MS Word, 207KB)11.01.16 (MS Word, 213KB)
11.08.16 (MS Word, 219KB)  11.08.16
11.29.16 (MS Word, 207KB) 11.29.16

03.15.17 (PDF, 113KB)

Postponed to March 17, 2017
03.17.17 (PDF, 112KB)03.17.17 (PDF, 120KB)
03.28.17 (PDF, 112KB)03.28.17 (PDF, 134KB)
04.06.17(PDF, 267K) Postponed to April 11, 2017
04.11.17 (PDF, 111KB)4.11.17

Stole Committee

ASI Stole Process (MS Word, 18.7KB)


Processes & Guidelines

Annual Reports

Agreements & MOU

Compilations of Policies & Procedures for CSU Auxiliaries

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